Lotus Test Drive

Lotus was at the British Club today with a small selection of cars (two!) there to be test driven.

Well how could we refuse! We decided to pop down to the club for breakfast (probably lunch or brunch really as we weren’t there till 11:00 a.m.).

After eating, we went up for a friendly chat with the Lotus guys and for a quick spin in the cars. Aye Cheng only took the Evora out. I went out twice, first in the Elise and then in the Evora.

Having heard so much of the Elise’s driving characteristics and responsiveness I was a little worried that it would not live up to expectations. I was, however, not disappointed. The ride was not too dissimilar to my MGB. Hard suspension, incredible responsiveness to throttle response and insane amounts of grip in cornering – not that I really had an opportunity to throw the car around any corners.

The Evora on the other hand was not to my liking. Sure there was even more power on demand, but the car was an auto, actually too quiet for my liking on the inside.
The kids, of course, only managed to get a ride in the back of the Evora as the Elise is strictly a 2 seater. The Evora’s back seats have slightly more headroom than the MGB’s and rear seatbelts. Leg space however, was no better than the MG.

I guess I won’t be upgrading to a Lotus just yet. However, I am certainly not ruling it out at some point in the future.

Ears pierced

Today (18th March) I had my ears pierced. First, I chose my earrings. I chose purple ones because they were my birth stones, Amethyst. 2nd, they cleaned my ears by swiping them with antiseptic cotton swipes, then they marked my ears with black dots so that they know where to pierce on the lobes, then they sprayed something cold and then they pierced my ears. It didn’t really hurt.