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Dragonvale is a game which you buy, breed and feed dragons and when they grow up levels they will earn dragon cash faster.

Dragon cash is what the games money is called and there are all sorts of dragons you can breed. There is also gems which are used to upgrade some things or buy hybrid dragons. Gems can also be used to speed up breeding time when you’re dragons breed or speed up the time it takes to make dragon food. Dragon food is used to  feed dragons which will make them level up when you feed them 4 times. The amount of dragon food you have to feed the dragon doubles every time it levels up. In dragonvale there are floating islands which you can buy so you have more space to place dragon habitats for your dragons. Also all the islands cost dragon cash except for the epic breeding islands which act as a second breeding cave but has a higher chance to get a rare, limited or gemstone dragon. In dragon vale there are 8 basic element dragons but only 7 of them can be bought the 8th one is bred by breeding the basic fire and water dragons. There are also rare, gemstone and limited dragons. Limited dragons are only available for a certain period of time and will have 3 or more elements. gemstone dragons are limited dragons which cannot breed with other dragons and produces gems instead of dragon cash. Gemstone dragons only have one way to be bred and a new one will come every month starting from May 2012 and ending at the end of April 2013. The old gemstone dragon goes away every time a new gemstone dragon comes. Rare dragons such as the Sun, Moon and rainbow dragon’s gives dragon cash fast but are hard to breed and will cost a lot of gems if you want to buy it from the store. The 8 basic element dragons and there prices are Plant(100 dragon cash), Ground(75 dragon cash), Fire(200 dragon cash), cold(30,00 dragon cash), Lightning(75,000 dragon cash), water(500,000 dragon cash), Metal(1,000,000 dragon cash) and air(200 gems). There are also dragon habitats which hold a certain amount of dragons of a certain type. A sun dragon can be bred between 7:00AM on your devices time to 7:00PM on your devices and the combination I would recommend would be bloom and lichen but if you don’t have a bloom because its limited then you should try lightning and cold. For the Moon dragon you have to do it from 7:00PM to 7:00AM on your devices time and for breeding I would recommend using the same thing as you did for the sun but just during the times mentioned above. For the rainbow(which I don’t have yet) you have to breed two dragons and there has to be 4 different elements in the breeding. If you get  the breeding time as 48 hours then if the elements of lightning or cold are in it you got a Sun or Moon depending on the time you did it and if 4 random elements are in it you got a rainbow. If you get 48 hours with 4 random elements in your breeding combination and there is the elements of lightning and cold check your time and you will now what the 2 dragons you will get are. If you would like to see my dragonvale then you have to download dragon vale from the app store then friend me on game center after that I will accept your friend request and you go on dragon vale click on friends in the bottom right corner and click visit. My game center account is: Black and white 2. If you hack dragonvale then I will unfriend you and you will not be able to see my dragonvale anymore. Please play dragonvale fairly and do not hack and cheat. Also good luck with breeding the rare dragons. Have a good time breeding on dragonvale and have fun.

This is my first island with some of my favorite dragons.

This is my Sun dragon and it is in its sun habitat

This is the Sun, Moon and Rainbow dragon in the store.

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  1. Sounds very complicated.
    Hope you get a Rainbow Dragon soon.
    Love Granny

  2. Cool I never thought of making a blog about DragonVale. It is really allot of writing.

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