Sports Day 2012

On 24 May 2012 Thursday it was my school’s sports day. I took part in the Sports Day. It was my very first sports day which was out of school. There is Raffles, Sentosa and Changi they are the houses. I am in Changi. Changi is Red, Raffles is Yellow and Sentosa is Green.

We did standing Long jump Raffles won that game then we did sack race the first picture is my best friend forever and me having fun waiting in the line. Changi won that one. Next we did throwing my friend Holly, one of the smallest girls in the class, she threw the longest distance which was something like 11.5. Thank goodness she is in Changi. So you now Changi won that one as well.


Finally we did sprinting my favorite one of all. We first had to do the sprinting starting position then we ran I came first I was so happy Zoe came 2nd and Hannah and Someone else came 3rd. After we did the finals I came 2nd Emily came 1st and Zoe came 3rd.  We did relay then we asked up and went back to school. The teachers gave medals I came 2nd so I got a silver medal. I saw this boy in year 6 he had about 6 medals.

Here I am coming in second. I am wearing red!

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