Max’s Christmas 2012!

I have had a very merry christmas. This year I got fantastic presents.


A pair of Skullcandy headphones from Santa
These are the best headphones ever. I love them Santa. Thanks.

Skylanders:Giants 3DS starter pack, worlds fastest cars pocket manual, a overnight bag and a Diary of a wimpy kid calendar from my parents.
Thanks mum and dad for a load of lovely presents. They are really fun to use and play with.

Artemis Fowl and the time paradox and the wonderful story of Henry Sugar from my sister.
Thanks for these wonderful books I am reading them already.

Adidas watch from G.A. Jane Thanks for this watch I have been wearing it everyday after Christmas.

2 Graphic novels from my dad
Thanks for these graphic novels they are very interesting to read.

A remote control car and my family & other animals from the Simpson family.
Thanks Simpson family as the remote control car is great fun to play with and the book is really exciting.

A hexbug starter set from the Frendo family
Thanks for the hexbug set it is really exciting to play with.