Welcome to the family Cayley!

imageOn April 30 2015, we got a dog! A cute and adorable dog name Cayley. We did not name her. That was her name when we got her and I am fine to have another _ayley in this house. She sleeps so much in the day and is hype at night that she could possibly be nocturnal! XOXO. I still love Toffy as much as we love Cayley!

Justin Bieber Concert

Hi people, So on Monday the 23 of September 2013 I went to the F1 Closing Concert. We arrived a bit late but luckily Justin Bieber was not on yet. Owl City was on. Luckily they were not singing “GOOD TIME” yet. I just wanted them to hurry up. I wanted to see Justin Bieber. Finally they finished. I was so inpatient. Zouk’s Ghetto & Cymbal came on stage. I was really bored because it was a bit boring but they have some epic music.This key on the screen came up. It was a Bieber key.

P.S. This is an old post of the time I went to a Justin Bieber concert.

Walk with The Frendo family at Labrador Park

On the 5th of Jan 2013 we went for a walk with the Frendo family at Labrador Park. Louis used his new scooter which was a razor, Sophie used her swaveboard. They used the stuff that they got for Christmas but I used a Scooter that I already had because I thought my penny board was a bit to hard to use. Max did not come because he was at is friends house for a sleepover.

P.S. This is an old post which I never got around to finishing but here it is now!